Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanks Kim!

OK, for those of you who don't know, Kim at Today's Creative Blog searches the internet for us finding the coolest blogs to showcase. She blogs about Blogs... isn't that nice of her! I don't have ages to poke around finding new stuff everyday, so when I'm looking for a bit of inspiration, or just something new to look at, I just go to Kim. She has never lead me wrong, and is always finding the best stuff!

Today her posting is about The Style Sisters Blog. They seem to have common interests to my own... crafting, thrifting, decorating, cooking, etc. But the post that REALLY caught my attention was their posting on making these two stinkin cute serving pieces. I've been eyeing cake plates for a while now... they just seemed too expensive, so I never picked one up. I have the usual pressed glass one that everyone who got married around the time I did, usually got as a gift. Don't get me wrong. It's basic. Just clear glass. And I've used it a lot. But the cute ones.... those tend to be beyond my cake plate budget. But the Style Sisters have shown me the light! Next trip to Patina, and I'm searching for a few plates and bowls to make my own!!! I poked around on ebay and found these two bowls...

Photobucket Photobucket

But I'm starting to see the sense of buying local to be "Greener", so I'll keep my eye out at garage sales and thrift stores.

On the Green note... I never really thought much about this stuff... My husband is a petroleum engineer who works for an oil company for peets sake... So basically the high demand for oil has provided my family with a comfortable living for some 10 years now. However, we have to buy gas for our cars too, so lately we've been feeling the same pinch as everyone else. And NO, for those wondering... we DON'T get a discount! That being said, while looking at ways to trim our budget, we've been trying to find ways to be more "Green" too. Just small trades really, that may actually add up one day to help make a difference.... here's what we've come up with...

.... buy veggies at the local farmers market... organic, local, so less shipping and packaging impact (I didn't know that styrofoam and plastic wrap was petroleum based, did you?), cheaper than the grocery store, in season so it tastes fantastic

... carpool...I know, a big DUH! ... but instead of running around aimlessly after drop off, I come home. That's what I'm decorating this sanctuary for, I may as well enjoy it!

.... turn off lights that we don't need, and open up the blinds to brighten our home

...unplugging stuff at night that we don't need, like the coffee pot, sewing machines, etc.

... using what we have (eh... like fabric that I have stacked to the ceiling, instead of buying new stuff every day... which saves the UPS guy's gas too)

... the list goes on, but you get the idea. I guess you can say that we're making a deliberate effort to grow up :-) and quit being so consumer minded. It's a better example for the girls too. Just because we have it, doesn't mean we need to spend it. I've even put myself on an allowance. Sounds weird I KNOW, but come on... 2K in one month from PayPal really IS a bit stupid.

Blogging off for now... Have a lovely Green Spring day and remember... thrifting is the oldest form of recycling!


The Style Sisters said...

Those two bowls would be fabulous turned into a cake platter. I love all your tips about being green. We also love your sewing website and my sister Tiffany is highlighting your pillowcase dresses on her blog www.thechildrensnest.blogspot.com

Take Care,

fourlittleloves said...

I love your website!! I am highlighting you on my separate childrens blog called www.thechildrensnest.blogspot.com. It is new so not many people have seen it yet. I saw your comment on our Style Sisters blog. Thank you for your sweet comments!I think that the clothes you make are precious!! I hope your business soars! Tiffany

Holly said...

Hey thanks guys! I can't wait to get a bit more down time to poke around your blog some more!!! I've been digging around in boxes of my grandmother's old stuff just to see if I may already have something that works! Too much fun!!! ... and just in time for that end of school luncheon!