Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For the love of Literature

Last night, as I was putting away my newly finished book -Eat, Pray, Love, I thought that it would be fun to share some of my favorite books with you guys. At any given moment in time, I'm usually reading about 3 different books. First and foremost, I ALWAYS have a copy of Pride and Prejudice going. Always. Then I usually have some type of English History book going. I have a slight passion for anything involving the Tudors (hence my love affair with Showtime's series... well, that and the gorgeous men on the show!). And then I have some type of leisure reading... Something easily read at night, when I'm winding down. Like Harry Potter, or any of the Phillipa Gregory books. So there you have it. I'm a book geek. I can't help it, I've always been one... I think my obsession with reading started around the 4th grade. Thanks Mrs. Ann! She would give books out as awards for in-class contests... I also go a bit crazy with children's books for the girls... and how-to books... everything from how-to be pregnant (What to expect...) to how to organize a sewing/craft room. I must also say that despite my love of reading, I'm a horrific speller. So please be nice if I happen to misspell anything. ;-)

I've posted a link list on the right so that you can see what I'm reading... the list is long, and will take me FOREVER to finish, but I'll try to add to it regularly. I am always looking for a great new book, so please feel free to comment on something you like!


Tonya said...

ok, second comment in one day LOL

I also am an avid reader and also am fascinated with anything to do with the Tudors. So wish I had Showtime, so I could watch that show.

My problem is, when I start reading a book, I cannot put it down until I finish. This means that everything else gets neglected until I'm done. With 7 kids, I have to keep my reading to a minimum, they need to be fed and stuff LOL When I was in high school and before I had kids, I would read at least 3 big books a week.

Holly said...

Wow! 7 kids! If you get all of those mouths fed at one time...! Too fun! Thanks for commenting... how on earth did you find computer time to find me?!? Nice to "meet" you!

Tonya said...

You know what's funny, I found your links two ways this morning. I followed your link to your flikr from your comment on my blog and then I followed a link from a message you left on Artsy Crafty Babe's blog LOL I just now put the two together. I can be slow sometimes LOL I saw that you were from Louisiana, so I was interested : ) After looking around on your blog, I realized we have a lot of interests in common. I even ordered the Creole Style book you recommended LOL

Tine said...

I love reading as well, it's just so hard to find the time....I'm trying not to imagine what it must be like with 7 kids!!! I'm shuddering at the thought of how much laundry you must have!!!! YIKES!
Anyway, back to books... You should try out "Five people you meet in heaven" by Mitch Albom. A light read :-)

Tine said...

....you've been tagged!