Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Etsy Love

Look what came in the mail!!! I love getting small little sweet packages in the mail. Could it be that cute little pin cushion I found? Or will it be my Snapfish prints? Anyway, yesterday afternoon, while my favorite UPS driver was delivering my coffee (FINALLY!) I got some sweet little happys in the mail. Too fun! For anyone who's been living in a cave, go shop Etsy! You can find some really awsome things.

These are little masterful works of art from Gigi Minor of
Pinks & Needles. How much will these brighten my sewing room up!

Strawberries and Bunny Food PinPear PinSheep Pin

And this adorable locket necklace is from Susan Scherer at BirdzNBeez...


1 comment:

vana chupp said...

oh i just love pretty jewelry...
Your cards are ready. I am shipping them out tomorrow....Love you monogram in the wall....got to teach me the process.