Sunday, April 6, 2008

Prissy Pincushion

ok, so this evening while basking in the glow of my newly organized studio, I decided to make a little eye candy. You know how you have these fabrics that you fall in love with and you save even the smallest scrap possible, just so you can look on it lovingly... uuhhh... just nod your head and agree, alright? Anyway, while looking through some magazines to find some room inspiration, I ran across an article on how to make these fabulous little (objective) pin cushions using yo yos. And since I recently discovered how super fun and easy the yo yos are to make, I decided to give it a go! Get a load of my UBRE Prissy Pincushion! It even has some of my super cool new pins from Pinks and Needles! I used some fabulous lime green linen, pale purple silk, and a sweet floral that I've always liked. These may make it into the etsy shop... I feel the need to look for some other silks and velvets. How cool would that be!

Prissy pincushion


Gigi Minor said...

Wow! I'll be the first to comment on how absolutley adorable your pin cushion is! Beauregard looks right at home nestled in amongst the Bunny Food!!! Thank you so much!

Kristin said...

Your pin cushion is absolutely adorable! I love linen and raw silks.... its completely beautiful :)

Thanks for stopping by the blog too! :)