Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Boy! Long time no blog, right?  Sorry guys… apparently I have to be “in the mood” to blog as well.  :-/

I do have some pretty fun pics to share though. But I’m a construction geek and love this kind of stuff, so fun may be a relative term…

We finally had a break in the rain and our pool construction has started!  I swear, as soon as we said “Build it” we guaranteed ourselves a good couple of weeks of rain.  I’ve got to give a shout out to Rocky Kirk with Lonestar Pools.  We met with 5 different contractors… and of the 5, he was the only one we felt completely comfortable with.   For some reason, a good pool builder is hard to come by in Houston, because the nightmare stories some of our friends told us really had us shakin in our boots… Not that I wear boots. Ever.

Here’s a before shot of the backyard with the trees tagged for removal…


After the trees were removed (but before the stumps were ground) The girls had a great time hula-hoop ring tossing with the one stump that was left.


Here’s a hazy shot from my bedroom window of the dig starting this past Friday morning… This was at 7:30 am…


And this shot is from 4pm on that same day… These guys didn’t waste any time… We went from paint lines to finished rebar in one day…  Wanna come sit in my hot tub? :-)


Beginning of Day 2… another glare filled shot from my bedroom window… Sorry…


And by the end of the 2nd day, you could see the general pool idea…



They didn’t work on Sunday… obviously, but on Monday they arrived bright and early… EARLY


and made a big HUGE mess of my entire back yard… That monster tool in the background dug a trench around the whole thing for the plumbing that finished up on Day 3, then the electrician did his work on Day 4.  At the end of yesterday, we had our second inspection for the trench.

Wanna know what happens when you are at this phase of pool building?  When your entire yard is ripped apart and a HUGE dirty mess?  Yep, RAIN COMES!!!  AHHHHH…..  That’s where we are this morning… waiting on rain, crossing my fingers that is doesn’t stop them from coming out and filling in the previously mentioned huge dirty mess of a trench… because the only way this mess could get worse is if it turns into a HUGE DIRTY MUDDY mess.

So for a recap of all those pics, here’s what the yard looked like a week ago…


and here’s where we are now…


I keep telling myself that it will be totally worth the expense and mess when I can have a glass of wine in the hot tub and relax myself into oblivion…

Yeah, totally worth it.