Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Day at a Time

OK, so I don't really think of myself as a LiberalPhotobucket...
nor do I think it to be truthful to call myself a conservative Photobucket.

I don't vote along party lines... and I don't do something just because someone tells me so. I guess I've always been that way... sorry mom... So needless to say, here in the South, that makes me somewhat of a mystery. Because if there's one thing we do down here, it's discuss politics and religion... good or bad... and why everyone else is wrong! So I guess that's why I've been watching the primary races with a bit of humor... Because honestly, if we can't laugh at these people, why watch. The funniest people are the guys over on Fox News and MSNBC who analyse everything after the day is done. They are so passionate, and so obstinate, that the awkwardness that arises when they agree makes for the best late night comedy!

So, all of that nonsense being said, I've decided that I will take each day as it comes... and make small changes for myself and my family to help us be a better wife/husband, parent, sister, daughter, friend, person, steward of the Earth.

I've decided to:

  • drink more water, and offer less sugary drinks to the girls.
  • add 5 minutes a day to my jaunt on the new elliptical (because after 9 months of sitting on my behind for my sewing business, my behind is not thanking me for the few bucks I made!


  • twice a week, we will eat a completely vegetarian meal. b/c dried beans are cheap
  • put myself on an allowance and not keep charging up the Disney Rewards card on silly stuff like craft supplies. Seriously, those buttons probably cost $50 more after the interest!
  • Grow veggies and eat them... again... cheaper... have you seen how much those English cucumbers cost?!?
  • Stop getting take out food b/c again... it's expensive to eat out all of the time, and we'll save the gas from the trip... and my behind will stop growing exponentially!
  • Do something fun with the girls each week. Yesterday we saw Nim's Island... just us girls.
  • Go to bed a bit earlier
  • Do laundry twice a week, so our piles don't get so high, and our weekends aren't spent doing chores
  • Floss every day.... I KNOW.... I try!
  • Stop living off of caffeine.... just one cup a day! Sorry Tassimo!!!
  • replace each burned out light bulb with the energy saving CFLs
  • and the list goes on...

You get the idea.... Just taking each day for what it is... a blessing from God... and live it to the fullest that we can THAT day. And in the evening, I'm watching the news... because everyone needs a good belly laugh each day.

La Dolce Vita!


Tine said...

I think that's a good plan. You can really only change your own ways, and try to set a good example for others to follow....

But I still think you should vote!!!
In Denmark almost evryone who can, does vote!

Tonya said...

I am like you, all over the place when it comes to my politics, although I do consider myself a conservative, well kind of. LOL To be honest, I think they are all nuts and don't have a clue LOL Have you noticed that they NEVER answer a question, they just skirt all around it. Like you said, at least it is funny to watch LOL

vana chupp said...

Good for you Holly! I am with 100% on your goals! It scares me how little we think of the time passing and us not taking a moment to enjoy what we have now, and be thankful.

Sharleen said...

What a great list. It's always the little things that can change your life the most. Small steps often lead to big leaps!! Good for you.
And thanks for stopping by two cups of coffee!! I have new friends :)