Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Alright, a bit of background info... ages ago the girls got onto my sewing room computer and did SOMETHING to iTunes. After that I couldn't update the iPod, so sadly, I just sort of gave up on it. MONTHS later, I asked Levi if he would check it out again with "fresh eyes" to see if he could do something about it... (otherwise, I was going shopping soon!).

Hallelujah! It's fixed! I bought 3 new audio books and have started listening to
The Thirteenth Tale... It's FABULOUS! (by the way, when I say fabulous in all caps like that, you should be hearing Jim Carrey's voice from Ace Ventura... ) Anyhoo! While sitting in bed last night nursing my cold, I listened to Part 1 and made all of these little beauties!!!!

Prissy designer cottons group

Prissy decorator group

Kind of funny... now that I've added all of the daylight lamps to the sewing room, my pictures are a bit too bright! I guess what's good for sewing, isn't so good for photos... But after I took all of the individual pics for the etsy shop I was not about to retake these!

They are just SOOOOO much fun to make! Kind of mindless, keep my hands out of the cookie jar kind of fun.

Hope you guys all made something pretty to post this weekend!


vana chupp said...

I just love these little beauties! You should post them on ETSY asap...They will sale at not time!
I made some more stationery this weekend, and more shower invitations...not Etsy related of course....

Tine said...

They are beautiful! I love the way you made all different styles...there should be one for everyone!
Lighting is difficult, I never can figure it out :-(

vana chupp said...


Check you Etsy Comments...I have pictures of the teachers cards for you...I need you to confirm before i go ahead and print them.


Tonya said...

They are so pretty, Holly. I love the ones with the ric rac.

Jessica said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! These are darling!

Tonya said...

Just wanted to say, thanks for recommending The Thirteenth Tale, I got it yesterday at the library. I'm only a few chapters in, I am going to try and not obsess over it LOL I am only allowed to read at night. We will see how well I do : )