Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New School Clothes

Hey Guys!

Well, I don't know if it's Spring Fever or what, but both of my girls are outgrowing their clothes by leaps and bounds. And I don't even want to talk about the SHOE issues! Yesterday while working on one machine, I multi-tasked and got Jillian a dress put together for school today. ... and honestly, it's really Abby that needs the clothes. This was just easier to get done quickly! Please ignore the damp straps... I had to take out the water sol. ink AND still have enough decent daylight coming into my sewing room for this pic! :-) The fabric still looks dark... it's actually closer to the color of this type than the actual picture of it!


My good friend Vana at Le Papier Studio kindly posted a link to this fantastic blog called Folio Hello. Hopefully, with a bit of practice my pics wont look like crap anymore! She's also been a busy bee for me! Yeah!!! It's been a WHILE since I found really great cards... and I LOVE personized stuff. She's working on the girls some cards too. HURRAY! Now that will for SURE be a happy in the mail! Thanks Vana! Now quickly, everyone jump from my blog to hers and look at her stuff...! It's amazing! See you all soon!


vana chupp said...

oh you are so sweet, Holly!Thank you for featuring my blog.

I love this little dress. If i only had a girl now...
I am very impressed with the picture quality....Keep it coming now!
Your stationery is going out tonight...They turned out soooo beautifull.

Tine said...

This dress is so cute! And that's amazing how they sometimes don't seem to grow for months, and then suddenly, they've grown 1½" and nothing fits anymore!
I need to get started on spring-clothes! Thanks for sharing :-)