Friday, June 26, 2009

Supreme Talent…

There are very few actors who come to mind that bring a certain level of genius to every character they embody. Most of what we see are actors playing a roll… but sometimes… sometimes, we sit in a theatre mesmerized by total transformation. Evil, diabolical, other-worldly, heavenly, insane, and otherwise brilliantly portrayed characters who come to life not only in our eyes, but our hearts as well. I’m sure there are more than the few that come to my mind quickly… the first being Helena Bonham Carter…

This chick really scares me with how well she does crazy… but hey… she’s good at it, so there.

bellatrix a-room-with-a-view_l

2115923569_a0795b51dd helena_bonham_carter_edward_norton_fight_club_001


Here’s her headshot from the upcoming Terminator Salvation film…

Like I said… Scary…

Just a few more weeks till Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out… I sooo can’t wait!


harry potter set 110509

The other hottie… er, person who makes me all giddy every time I see his name come up on previews… Johnny Depp…

OK, let’s all take a moment to collect ourselves… … … … …

Good? Good.


Need another moment? …




…. sigh... I loved Chocolat...

depp-johnny-photo-johnny-depp-6206963 chocolat2

edward-scissorhands-732638 johnny-depp-pirates-400a011007 sweeny todd justpub


Yeah… That randy pirate bit really did it for me… Let’s see it again, shall we?


For the record… that’s the ONLY person I ever want to see “guy-liner” on…

Wanna know what brought all this contemplative prose about? ;-) …


Welcome to the world of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland… & The Mad Hatter…

Scary, genius, brilliant….

Love. Him.

My apologies for the Wonky pictures and text alignment... just can't figure out the problem...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Twinkle Toes




On With the SHOW!

The Itsy Bitsy Spider…


Check out their prop! Ahhhh!!!!!!


I Could’ve Danced All Night…


Broadway Baby!


Garden Fairies are REAL…

P1030121 P1030123




Here’s documented proof that I let my kids go wild, every now and then. This started out as painting a picture for Daddy for Father’s Day… morphed into splatter painting… and then by the time I grabbed my camera, they’d taken to painting their hands and feet. That’s why the art goes outside! :-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Loving the one your with… Closet edition

eh, I’m going to let the following picture speak for itself…


When we moved in this past September, I must have been on crack to think that this dresser in Abby’s closet was going to actually work.

So, after a few measurements and a trip to Lowes, this is what we’ve got…



It was easy to install, and gave us the “place” part of Everything in it’s Place… And guess what… it STILL looks like this… And once she gets taller, one side of the lower rods can snap out to allow for longer dresses.

Loving the one you’re with…

Several weeks ago I got an itch… NO, not THAT kind of itch… The project itch… It started out as a pool itch… until we got the quote… The kind of itch that lead me to agree to show my home (which isn’t for sale) to a couple (who LOOOVED my house) and then drag a realtor around in a mad dash to find “The” house for us… so we wouldn’t have to deal with putting our own pool in… because apparently, in MY world, moving isn’t as much of a pain in the ass as putting in a pool would be. Are you following what I’m saying?

You should know… I AM medicated. OBVIOUSLY it wasn’t working!

Well, long story short, they bought a house with my floor plan but one extra garage bay. :-/ I wont even BEGIN to publicly announce the sorts of names I called these people. Let’s just say we learned an valuable lesson.

Love the one you’re with!

Because we weren’t willing to list our house (because that takes effort) or to drop 1/2 a million dollars on a new place, we decided to work on the efficiency of this house. You know… the one we moved into 9 months ago? The one we purposefully chose because it was cute, and had charm, and was well below our budget. Yeah… cute and charming only got me so far. What it didn’t get me was STORAGE!

So in the name of efficiency, I’ll be working on a series of posts dedicated to making what you have work for YOU! There are so many ways to take your space and Kick it up a notch. There is no ONE way to do it… just look at what you need your house to do, and then help it along it’s way.

First up… The KITCHEN

More specifically, the cabinet under my range and a few of my utensil drawers. We initially had to buy new silverware holders because the drawers in the new kitchen were more narrow than the old house… but every time you closed the drawer it would slide all over the place. So I had “Honey” put in these…



Muuuuch better…

Then we tackled the pots in the cabinet. Has anyone ever weighed their Le Creuset pot? Those things are darn heavy!


See Honey?

You too can be handy!

Look what Honey did! Can we have a collective round of applause for Honey? Yeah!


These are full extension stainless steel drawer systems that we picked up from Lowes. I LOVE that I can put my heavy cast iron in the back and still be able to get to it when I need it. FYI… the reason we didn’t do the wooden drawers… The metal ones let you put your lids in vertically so that you can save space! The drawer organizers are a bamboo system that you can mix and match to your needs… also from Lowes.

I’m sure by now you are wondering how many posts in one day I’m going to do… I will apologize to my lovely followers in advance. Once I catch up on the posts, I’ll get back to a regular schedule!

Kitchen lights… part deux

You know that “snowball effect” that can happen once you start doing something around your home? eh, Yeah… so here’s the OTHER kitchen lights I changed out…


See how we have this tray ceiling above my island? It did have two of those can lights in it… But not anymore! Ballard Designs has a great kit to change them out into pendant lights… If you can screw in a light bulb, you can do this! Look really close, you can see the light on the pendant being reflected above. BOY do they make a HUGE difference in the amount of light being cast about.


You can tell they are the aged bronze ones, but with the lights on… well, I promise they are a really cool burlap fabric drum shade. Easy Peasy




Let there be light!

Yeah, you just thought we’d seen the last of the kitchen light posts… However, my super cute drum shade taught me something… That whole “lipstick on a pig” saying… well, it’s true. No matter how cute it was, it just didn’t change the fact that we still couldn’t see what we were eating at night. So I convinced my dear, lovely, not-so-handy husband that he too could change a light fixture.

So we went from this…


To this…


To this…


Yep, NOW we can see. Unfortunately it doesn’t make my food TASTE any better…

Oh, and this Live Writer thing is Da Bomb!




Live Writer?…

OK, so Kim decided to announce to the world how much easier Live Writer makes her blogging… I do like the framed pics. And since I believe life’s sometimes just easier when you let someone else do the discovering, I thought I’d give it a go. (This, as a matter of fact, is the very reason I haven’t ventured into digitizing my own embroidery designs too.) Imitation is the highest form of flattery… Right?

Here’s what I’m loving so far… The FONTS!!!! How much are you going to hate me if I change the font for each post??? LOL… And the editing is pretty easy. Oh! And look on the bottom! Easy picture inserts! I might just like this program…

Before I get overly chatty, and then discover I truly do not know what I’m doing, I’m going to post (“publish” in L.W. terms) this and see what happens. If it works, I may just have a chance to put up some of my MIA posts… because then I don’t have to figure out why on earth I can’t get into my Photobucket account. :-/

Remember Folks, ALWAYS back up your pics somewhere… because you just never know when you will not be able to see them again.




Monday, June 1, 2009

Not for the Faint of Heart

OK, since I'm having everything from camera disk to photobucket problems, I thought I'd post a completely inappropriate video clip from the MTV movie awards last night.... Seriously... I *may* have peed just a little while watching this over and over on my DVR last night...


And as another warning... for anyone following my blog... you're inbox is gonna explode once I figure out my photo issues... I've been snapping pics like crazy!