Thursday, July 22, 2010


Pioneer Woman’s Photo assignment – Water

Remember this shot?

pw assignment

This is one of the reasons I am keeping my Canon G11 point and shoot. 

Before vacation 6 asked me to get some pictures of the ocean. We were planning our snorkeling trip and were looking at buying a cheap underwater camera. Well, cheap is a relative term. When we saw them for $400 I started trying to figure out a better way to get a good pic underwater. That’s when I discovered this little gadget…



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It’s a waterproof housing made specifically for my G11. The blue dials allow me to adjust my settings… genius. There are compression buttons that allow me to change modes, view, etc. etc.

I was scared to death to put a $500 camera into the water even with the above mentioned gadget.

The first go around, I put the casing into the water WITHOUT the camera inside. I checked for leaks and then put it to the ultimate test… My swimming pool.

That’s where I got that silly fun shot of 6 underwater.

This is also how I got the reef shots on our excursion.


Pretty cool, No?


I will admit, the pool was much easier to shoot in. And that’s knowing that I had to hold myself under by gripping the fountain rocks and pushing myself down. The waves at the reef were brutal. Also, it was much harder to adjust the settings while those waves were pushing me away from what I wanted to shoot. With practice, this casing will be SUPER cool.

And 6 loved her ocean pictures :-)



PeaceLoveGuac said...

LOVE that underwater shot of your cute girl!

muralimanohar said... much does a case go for?? I keep going snorkeling, and DYING that I can't take shots underwater! And I can't afford to buy a new camera (my friend has an awesome waterproof one), but have been SO scared about sticking my camera in one of those things!

muralimanohar said...

Oh..forgot..I tagged you on my blog. :p