Monday, July 12, 2010

Grand Caymen

Holly Levi

By far, my favorite place to visit on the cruise was Grand Caymen. WHAT a beautiful place. I seriously wish we would have had more time here. There’s the biggest problem I find with cruises… when you find a place you can stay in, you’ve gotta hop back onto the ship.

Because of reef protection, you have to take a tender boat to the actual dock. Walk straight through to the street and you can hop a van taxi for $4 each to 7-Mile beach. This beach is beautiful… and convenient. We stopped at the Royal Palms beach club and claimed a spot by the water. The RP has a bar, restaurant, jet skis, lounge chairs, umbrellas… anything you need to hang out for a while, they’ve got it. 

The locals are friendly too…crab

We booked an excursion to go to Stingray City and the Coral Gardens through Captain Marvin’s. Again, go through the dock, to the street… look left and across the street, you’ll see Captain Marvin’s.

The biggest thing you should know about this excursion is that STINGRAYS SKEEVE ME OUT!


Hubs was lucky to get smoochin after this… Disgusting!

kissing rays

But he was totally loving it… Massage by stingray anyone?

ray massage

Excuse me while I {shiver}…

Coral Gardens snorkeling was for SURE more my speed than playing with face–sucking ray-stabbing stingrays…


purple coral

I’ll be posting on how I took the underwater shots later… You’ll really think I’m smart then :-)

After our excursion, we had to race to grab shirts at Margaritaville and then get back in line to grab the tender boat to make it to the boat. There was LOADS of shopping right there by the dock. A guy Hubs knows even stopped into a place to buy a new duty free HUGE diamond to replace the one his wife lost out of her engagement ring. Duty free is GOOD people… Real good.

If I can finagle a way to get back to the Caymens for an extended period of time, you can bet good money I’ll do it. The place was beautiful and the people were super nice. If you have a chance, Go!


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