Thursday, July 8, 2010


Conner on  deck

Hey guys! We just got back from a trip to the Caribbean! I was in such HUGE need of a vacation away from my children… you have NO IDEA. Well, unless you are my mother, who kept said children for a week and a half. Ever since we’ve had kids, Hubs and I have tried to make a point of ditching them and going on vacation at least every year or so. Even if it is just a weekend in The Quarter.

This year, as a graduation gift to baby sister, we decided to take her on a cruise. It was going to be a “sister’s trip” but our big sister went and got herself knocked up and had a baby at the exact wrong time to be going on a cruise with us. (He’s a cute bugger, so I don’t think she’s too disappointed)


Since we live so close to Galveston, we booked the 7 day Western Caribbean cruise on Carnival’s Conquest ship. Unfortunately for us, we neglected to think about hurricane season… The first few days at sea were ROUGH… I’m 4 days off the ship and I’m still swaying people. I NEVER felt like this when we were on the Mediterranean cruise. NEVER.


I’ll show you some cool pics in my next few posts. Until then, can one of you grab me some Dramamine or something? Bleck…

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