Sunday, July 11, 2010

Picture perfect inspiration

You know how I’ve been looking for photography and camera information? Well, here’s some. And no, as a matter of fact, I couldn’t wait to share them… This post is also my sneaky way of making notes in a place that I can get to really fast :-) And it also may or may not be a backhanded excuse for putting up one of my most treasured shots of Abby.

Thank the blogging gods that Kim took the time to email me today, because Karen Russell has me in tears… weepy puddles of emotion just looking at her photographs… Just start reading… And once you read her post about her vows, wipe your face and keep on going.  I’ve got all sorts of lens notes scribbled down. I also found this super helpful link on there… for reviews. Karen is a beautiful woman who is living life… and thankfully documenting it for all of us to share. And her family is beautiful and her sweet little girl Annie has made me miss that time in my own girls lives. So go and read.

I’ve been going to The Idea Room for a while now. And, well, it’s full of ideas. There’s a nifty section from Kristen Duke that will give you so much information you’ll return there time and time again… and then you’ll put the Kristen Duke button on your own blog because you’ll just HAVE to share it with the rest of the world. And no kidding… You’ll be hard pressed not to find dozens of other ideas on this blog to try.

I’ve mentioned Scott Bourne before when I was searching for a new point and shoot. Which I swear, I still love. No really… I promise. Go there. His Fast Photo Tips posts are great. While you are there, poke around some more. Photofocus has a wealth of information.

And of course there’s Ree. Who we all know doesn’t know me from a tick on one of her cows. Actually, she’s for sure had more contact with the ticks. Her photography section is full of awesome. Go learn. And even if you never enter her photography assignments, follow along and see how you do. You might just be better at this than you think ;-)

Recycled pic circa 2005

Abby in Pumpkins

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