Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wise ass

Ok, so today after searching for something to feed the kids for breakfast, I decided I HAD to go to the grocery store... Which I totally hate - by the way. Usually my lovely husband does the deed, but we had no milk, bread, eggs, or ANYTHING. Armed with my "healthy" list and determined to "shop the perimeter" I headed off to Kroger... After an hour and a half of serious focus, I felt pretty good about all I found... Of course, until I had to PAY for what all I found. Organic isn't cheap people. I am going to have to local a farmers market soon.

Anyway, one of my purchases was a strawberry flavored pro biotic soy drink called Kefir. Yeah. I don't know what the hell any of that means either. But it's supposed to be terrific for you, so what the heck. Cut to dinner... when I'm trying to convince my kids that brown bread tastes just as good as Bunny bread... (I made grilled cheese sandwiches for them to ease them into it... they looked burned to the kids, so it worked.) I poured them a bit of the Kefir into their cups and added milk to cut the taste of it... flavored or not, this stuff is weird... When they were nearly finished, I told them they had to either eat all of their carrots or drink all of their milk. They took the carrots.

After I try an explanation of how it's a healthy drink that has lots of vitamins in it, Abby informs me in her most innocent lovely voice, "Oh, well, it's OK if we don't drink it, because we get all of our vitamins from the wonderful meals you cook." Batting eyes... smiling with head tipped to the side... Smart ass. I still had to kiss her for it though. There's no fooling that kid.

And as for shopping the perimeter of the grocery store... It actually worked out pretty well. I was probably 70% perimeter... then I had to get oatmeal, bread, spices, and nuts... but I was close!

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muralimanohar said...

Umm..kefir is a treat of the highest order around here. Even for the kids. :p It's like a thin yogurt drink! Yum!