Monday, January 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning and "Tha Sistas"

We're barely into "Winter" and I've already started my Spring cleaning... and no, that's not me... my hair isn't highlighted, and my "sistas" (a.k.a. boobs) aren't that small. But I've been cleaning none-the-less. I hope it makes my blog load a bit faster (I promise to keep the music on my ipod and off the blog).
Speaking of "Tha Sistas"...
Convo with Jillian (age 4 and 3/4) from last night after I was out of the shower, but not quite dressed.
knock knock knock... Mommy, Can I use your potty?
Why are you knocking, you've never bothered before?
I really need to go to the baffroom and Daddy wont get out.
Why don't you go to the two other "baffrooms"
Because I just want to be around you.
Oh, well, alright. Hurry and go before you pee on yourself. Jillian... young ladies don't need to actually hold themselves when they are trying to not pee pee.
Silence while focusing on the potty... Then...
Mommy, how do you get those?
Those what?
Those things... she says while lifting her shirt and trying to look at her own chest
Well, first, those things are called breasts and they grow when you get older.
Oh, like when your 7?
No baby, hopefully not until your like 40.
Are you 40.
Do you think I look 40?
No... Maybe your like sixteen hundred!
I am NOT 1600.
How old are you?
I'm 25. (yes, I lied to my child)
So they get bigger when you get older? (jeesh! there's no distracting this one...)
Yes. (Keep it simple Mommy and maybe she'll drop it...)
Wow.... then you must be really old.
Thanks Dot. Out while I get dressed.
Abby!!!! (she yells while stomping down the stairs) Mommy's REEAALL Old!


highlandgrace said...

I have tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing...Jillian is soooooo funny!! It's funny because Ian's (just turned 5) number of the moment is 1600 as well! Must get my "really old" self back to being productive...only a week left before school gears back up (uggghhh)!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Too funny!!

muralimanohar said...

Haha!! Oh, the perception of kids! :p