Friday, January 23, 2009

Giving up control

Isn't always a bad thing... Especially when you get something for your effort!!! I have never had custom made curtains before... But when faced with the new digs, I just didn't know what to do. I ventured out to a shop called Woodlands Fabrics and Interiors, and met Nancy. Nancy is a cute, sweet, and very talented gal who will now always be knows as "The Lady Responsible for making my House a Home". Working with her has really helped me feel like I've put my stamp on things here, and is really bringing it all together for me. So sometimes, giving up control (and stress, frustration, and irritation) can really be a Very Very Good Thing.

I call this shot...
"Please tell me why the builder didn't put in decent built-ins." Now I either have to have some better ones done, or find the IMPOSSIBLE length of 49" media console... Not Nice.



Our breakfast room... that I'm still trying to figure out a paint color for... Although I HAVE decided that the table top is going to go RED. And my poor lemon trees who are finally starting to regain their leaves after the move nearly killed them...

I hate that light fixture... I'm hoping to find something better soon... very very soon.... how can a giant lightbulb give off NO LIGHT...

Oh, and do you see the "Naughty Chair?" ;-) I may paint that too...

AND the "Funky Chicken?"... as every good Southern girl should, I love roosters... but people, don't take everything so seriously. Life's WAY more fun with a little Spice thrown in!



This shot is for Linda... It's my "Small Space". I've complained about how going up 1000 square feet has felt like downsizing... and it's all because of these three spaces... efficient,yes. spacious, no.


Our new favorite reading spot. I have loads of leftover fabric to monogram and make more pillows with. AND I've finally started flipping through some pics to add to the black and white photo wall... Must do some wall monograms soon...

And if Sister reads this post, I need a copy of Mom and Dad cutting their wedding cake, and some pics of MawMaw and PawPaw... scan them and email them to me!!!!!



southerninspiration said...

Oh the reading space is totally fabulous. Your home is beatiful and the window treatments look awesome!!!


Katie said...

Been meaning to write, that your house is beautiful! So calm and inviting looking and so clean...hmm did a cleaning session take place first? How do you manage to contain all the toy and such? Love the breakfast nook, with the panel/wainscoating (can't remember the "proper" term). Also the fixtures are pretty, too bad they con't let off enough light. I hate a dark room!