Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wellness Wednesday

Hi Yall! I hope you guys have gotten the itch to move it, shake it, squeeze it, well, you get the picture. Posting about my daily progress (over on the left) has really helped me see what I've done, how I can improve, and keeps me accountable to myself!!! That being said... the big announcement for the week...
I've ran for just over 25 1/2 miles!!!! And I have one more day to go for the week!!! I may just be able to sweat out a 30 mile week! W-O-W!!!!!

All of this being said, this is what I've learned this week.

1. WRITE IT DOWN!!! I've been carrying this cute little notebook from McMaster and Storm and I write down everything... what day it is (because I can hardly keep up), what I eat, how long I run and how far I go, and what I drink. Doing this has helped me see what I am doing well with and what I need to change. For instance, I went an entire day without drinking one glass of water. Not. Good. I don't worry about calories, or points or anything, I just write what I ate down.

Yesterday, when my Blackberry went to the land of the dead (and dismembered-I was pissed) I upgraded to the 16G iPhone. I found an app that lets me jot all of this info into a calendar. Yeah! It also lets you put in a goal weight and date... which is sort of cool, except that each time you put in your current weight and you haven't reached your goal, it puts a little red line underneath... and I want the green line!!!

2. Sometimes, variety is NOT the spice of life. Here ye! Here ye! Let it be known that in my ADD world, I tend to get distracted! No Kidding, huh? I've simplified my morning routine, lunch, and snack so that I don't have to think about it! Every morning, I eat a packet of high-fiber oatmeal with added steel cut oats and either blackberries, strawberries, or an apple with a cup of 1% milk. (Have I ever mentioned that I hate milk? I'm trying) For lunch I have a p.b. and apple sandwich (two slices of high fiber whole grain bread with a bit of peanut butter spread on it with sliced apples.) And for a snack around 2:30 or 3 I have a chocolate flavored FiberOne bar. (Those are my "treat"... just enough chocolate to be gooooood) I know what I'm having most days and it's much easier to stick to the routine if I don't start giving myself options. Sometimes, I'll have a salad for lunch... yesterday I had another bowl of oatmeal... It may sound boring, but it keeps me from digging around or going for fast food.

3. Fiber and Protein!!!! I have ALWAYS had ongoing problems "going"... Gross, I know, but still. It was a problem. There have been times when I would go for 4 or 5 days without "going". By focusing on packing as much punch into my meals as possible, I'm doing sooo much better! (no pun intended...) Aside from all of the extra veggies I'm eating... I scour labels in the store until I find the highest fiber, lowest sugar, lowest in sat. fat, and whole grain bread, tortillas, rice, etc. If it's a carb, it better be extremly high in fiber!!! Fiber has another added bonus... it keeps you full. I'm not snacking - which should be a total SHOCKER if you know me. I'm also not able to finish dinner... I blame it on all of the dense nutrition in the food I'm eating. And as for protein, it keeps you fuller for longer too! hense the reason I'm eating peanut butter when the news tells me not to. ;-)

In closing, I'll leave you with a funny...

I used to have a Jazzercise instructor who would yell
"Come on Ladies! If you don't squeeze it, no one else will either!"

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