Friday, January 9, 2009

A Walk in the park

Awesome tree tunnel on the walking trail to the park...

OK, so it was technically a walk to the park, but a walk all the same. I can't wait for Sister to come visit again... her kids would LOVE this park... and maybe if they go home and brag about it enough, Sister in Law will come visit with her little pumpkins too. :-) Hint Hint Hint... It's much bigger than the tot park by the house and has a huge grassy hilly area to run around on. SUCH fun! And as an added bonus, it was such a beautiful morning, with such a peaceful walk, that I really started to feel like I could get to like this joint.

Here's a couple of more pics from our outing taken on my crappy Blackberry... (WHY can't I remember to tote along my camera??? That's why I miss all of the great picture moments!)

Prissy like Minnie

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