Thursday, February 4, 2010



Ok, I told y’all that when I got to the lovely even number of 30 followers, I would start up the giveaways… and Priddy Creations was #30!!!  You really must hop over and say hello to her too… She sews and then takes beautiful pictures of the things she makes and sells… camera straps, lens keepers… She’s a talent. Check her out.

So as for the giveaway…

I’ve always been a book snob.  Then the economy turned south and the news was depressing… I just can’t handle Jane Austin right now.  I need something funny to look forward to. I’d also like a little more sex in my life, without having to actually spend the energy having it… Oh, quit rolling your eyes… you know what I mean. 

In comes Stephanie Plum and her merry band of misfits.  Ms. Plum is an underachieving bounty hunter who has some sexy men in her life (just 2… and boy are they H-O-T) ; her “partner” in bond enforcement is a plus sized black woman who used to be a ho and still dresses like one; and her Grandma is bat shit crazy… I really REALLY want to be like Grandma when I’m 70.  I have laughed out loud… laughed til I cried… and I’m only on book 10… Book 16 will be introduced in June, so you have lots of time to catch up.

These books are low on the smut-o-meter… But still very very good… and did I mention FUNNY?

I have a copy of the first 3 books… they are all in a single book called Three Plums in One.  It’s a great start to your own collection… and believe me, you’ll want to read more, and more, and more…


Leave me some comment love, link up to my blog on yours, or tweet about me @magnoliasnsun … Let me know how and when you do it.

Giveaway ends on Thursday, Feb. 11th, at Midnight.  Name will be randomly drawn, and I will contact the winner on Friday Feb 12th.


Amy Priddy :||: Priddy Creations said...

I love to read! It is my favorite pasttime/hobby so count me in!

Thanks for the link love! I appreciate it. :D

Amy Priddy :||: Priddy Creations said...

Oh and I RT your giveaway tweet!

Holly said...

Thanks Amy! We like the same fabrics :-)

Michelle said...

OK, we're meant to totally hang out. I am in LOVE with the Plum series. Lulu is one badass ho and Grandma Mazur is my fave! I'm not entering the contest, but I was beyond excited to see you post about it!