Thursday, February 25, 2010

Makin’ Groceries the high tech way…

I thought that I would share more details of one of my most useful apps today. Apps can be fun, functional, pointless, you name it. But this one I file under USEFUL.

Meet Grocery IQ

You can keep track of your shopping errands by store.


For things I shop for near weekly, I have a favorites list set up. Just select, then choose “Add to List.”

                                    001              002

   There is a Coupon section that I select the things I’m shopping for with the coupons, email the list to myself, then print them out before I head out. You CAN print straight from the phone… but I lost our WIFI router password… Ooops.


When you are out shopping, the coupons show up on your list as well, so you never forget if you need the specific brand, amount, etc. As you shop, you just tap the box next to your item, then at the end, you hit “check out” to clear your list. Easy Peasy.


And if I happen to have the luxury of Hubs going to the store for me, I can easily email the list to HIS iPhone.


WOW… now that is worth the $.99 I had to pay.  For less than a dollar, my grocery list is never forgotten at home (because I ALWAYS have my phone). Love. It.

Giveaway announcement:

Because several people have told me they posted links to the giveaway on their own blogs, I’ve decided to give everyone til 12 midnight Friday night to enter to win the iTunes gift card. I love shout-outs, so feel free to link back to me!


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