Monday, February 15, 2010

Kindle-ing a flame

As readers, the new electronic reading devices have been separating us into two camps. Those who are open to it for convenience, portability, etc. and those who refuse to consider a device that doesn’t feel like a book, smell like a book, or look like a book. If you are in the later camp, let me encourage you to take another look.

I recently purchased a new Kindle 2. I bought the smaller one, not the DX, because of the desire to stash it into any of my purses. Oh the vanity! For months, I’ve been reading on the Kindle app on my iPhone, and LOOOVED it. However, the amount of eye strain and headaches I was getting just got to be too much. I had thought the full-on system was ridiculous because if I can keep my devices down to 1, then I’m usually happy. I also thought that it was SO expensive…

Until I bought 18 hard-backs over the holidays. (I re-read my books constantly, so paperbacks usually fall apart on me.) Books are my vice… I just can’t help myself when I see a shop. I’ve always had a dream to own my own little “shop around the corner”… But after dropping that much on books, I realized that the Kindle really wasn’t that expensive compared to the books. And it would help save me some space for “real” books on our shelves. You didn’t think I proudly display all of my smutty ones, did you? As for price, the most expensive book I’ve bought for the Kindle has been $10. Yes, the initial investment was around $260 at, but after you consider that near $400 I dropped at Bookland, I would have come out much cheaper had I just gotten the Kindle earlier.

The Whispernet connectivity lets me buy books where I am… carline, dance class, by the pool or in bed.  Ahh, the luxury of buying a new book as SOON as you finish the last. Instantly. That second. When you are dying to find out what happens next in the series. You get the picture.

So as for my review of the Kindle, I’ll give it an A+ and encourage anyone who asks if it’s worth it to go and find out for themselves!




Carol said...

I've been on the fence about the Kindle...thanks for the input. I may just do it now.

I know the feeling all to well when you get to the end of the book and you're dying to know what happens next...but have to be on the reserve list at the library for a month before you can get the book...

Happy Monday

J.J. said...

I am so excited to get mine! I am about a month away. I am saving a chunk of $ a month to make it feel like a freebie. :) I am so glad that you like it! Makes me even more excited!

Kelly said...

I definitely fall into the latter of the two camps. I like holding a book and having something physical to mark my place. I like being able to mark in it and dogear the pages. I just like BOOKS. :-) I know they can be kind of pricey, but I solve that by shopping around or using the library--but if it's a book that I really love, I buy it so I can reread it over and over. I totally appreciate what you're saying... but I just need a real book! haha

BTW... I think I just became your 35th follower! I am going to post about your blog and giveaway on mine, hopefully soon.