Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat say you can’t go home again?


Can someone just pinch me already? We just arrived back in our Texas home. We are exhausted, dazed, amazed, and in a general euphoria over the weekend we’ve just had.

People, The SAINTS won the SUPERBOWL… You really have no idea how shocking that truly is for all of us who grew up laughing at the people in the stands wearing paper bags on their heads. My DAD even got back into the excitement.  Now Hubs, I’ve gotta say… he’s lost a lot of fantasy football money because he’s an annual “Believer”… but it is a very surreal sort of feeling to actually see them in the game… by the time we figured out they were actually playing, they had won… It was total pandemonium… In our old neighborhood in Mandeville, LA (abt 350 homes) nearly every car alarm was intentionally set off, fireworks were shot, people were screaming and running around like… well, like the Saints had just won!!! :-)

We started off Friday night taking the kids to the Eve parade, Saturday we walked in the neighborhood parade, and Sunday was all New Orleans. We ate beignets at Cafe du Monde, bought our Chee Wee’s at Rouses Supermarket, ate our king cake, drank our Abita beer, and bit our fingernails until the game came on!

It was SO wonderful to see all of our friends and hang out with good Southern Louisiana people. I sure did hate to drive back to Texas, but when real life calls, sometimes you’ve gotta answer.

         024        030


                   053            085


So the next time you hear someone say “Where ya at?” or ask about “ya mom n dem?” don’t think they are crazy or nosy… well, actually, they probably are, but know that you are in the presence of someone who really REALLY knows how to live life and have a good time… and wants you to have a good time too…




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Jo said...

Sounds like a great weekend ~ we shared shared in the excitement via a party at our friends. Love the photos.