Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winner! Winner! Grilled Shrimp Dinner!


Wow! I actually had a decent amount of entries for the iTunes card giveaway! Weeeee! Makes it much more fun folks! See how excited I am?! LOOK at how often I just used exclamation points!

Drum roll, please?  The winner of the $25 iTunes giftcard is Kelly over on At Home with the Pooles!

Now, this is actually kind of funny… Kelly ended up being my 35th follower… that triggered the giveaway.  She’s also married to a Poole… I grew up in Louisiana with some Pooles… I even may have had a crush on one at some point.  He was cute! … they all actually were… Pretty family that was… Anyway. Kelly has a fun blog.  Go check her out!

So Kelly, shoot me an email with your info, K?


This is what I’m making tonight for dinner… Looks good, no?

Click the pic for a link to the recipe.

mexican-grilled-shrimp-kebabs-l Southern Living


winterpeachblog said...

Is it just me, or does everyone else feel like they hit the give-away pages right AFTER they end? Just my luck.

Kelly said...

Just wanted to make sure you received my contact info! Thanks again for hosting this great giveaway! :-)