Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I’m a geek

Yeah, I admit it… I love tech toys!!!! You KNOW how I feel about my iPhone… and how I love my apps… I’ve been using my Kindle app and LOVING it for a long time now… problem is… after I finish reading on it for a few hours, my eyes feel permanently crossed.



So… as an early Valentines gift to myself, I just bought this little beauty…


I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am!!!! I’ve got about 70 Kindle books already. Which saves a LOAD of space in my house… The Kindle editions of the books are a lot cheaper than the hard-backs I buy (I re-read my books far too many times, so I can’t buy paperbacks). The actual Kindle is supposed to help with eye strain too… so that will be a great bonus… I really don’t want to do anything that screws up my LASIK repairs!!!

Of course, after I ordered the Kindle, I ran straight to Etsy to find a cute cover. Because, you know, you’ve GOTTA have a cute cover, right? I found some really great ones from Sara at hob-op.  There were several other places to look, but Sara’s have a great design with magnetic closure, two options for holding your Kindle, and a great selection of fabrics.

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