Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shock and Awe

Good morning ya'll!

Well, this morning as I was going through my daily routine... make my bed while trying to not actually get out of it, dress, coffee, coffee, and more coffee.... I wandered onto a blog that I visit occasionally. Eren, it's creator, is very talented and I enjoy her posts. This morning as I was reading around, her
newest posting gave me a real wake up "jolt" like no latte could. I hope you all will venture into her blog and read what she says reguarding our rememberance of the war.

I also believe that it's very funny how we all tend to be speeding up. Speeding up to what? Wont the dishes and laundry be there (and have multiplied) tomorrow? Do we REALLY need to have that PERFECT party favor for school? And will 6 year olds really appreciate all of the time and money you spent in making it? Do 4 year olds need their birthday parties to be so "perfectly" coordinated that their outfit matches the napkins?

I keep telling myself (along with many friends...hhhmmmm.. and family, who think I'm nuts... and you KNOW who you are ;-)) that I KNOW it's not required, but it's how I find peace in the daily mundane. I LIKE planning parties. I've already started getting ideas together for my 6 turning 7 year olds party in July. It's how I show love. I LIKE browsing around junk shops for months and finally finding the best mirror for my daughters room. I show love to my family by giving them what a feel is a lovingly decorated home. I function better with surroudings that I deam beautiful. I also think that a lovely bedroom becomes a sanctuary for the person to whom it belongs. It's not so horrible to do laundry when your laundry room is organized and decorated. I like entertaining friends in a home that creates a welcoming environment for them to relax and enjoy the bit of time we have to spend with them. It's a bit Martha Stewart meets Stepford wife, but dad-gummit, I like it that way!

A friend of mine called me a GRITS the other day. I think that's about as close to correct as it gets. (GRITS = Girl Raised In The South) I think that it has bearing on where I am in life too. For many people my age, this is hard to understand. I do believe that I have an old soul. Or at least that's how I explain away my love for all things vintage.

So, with ALL of that being said... the next time you run into a GRITS... be nice. She may just be kookiest and fascinating friend you ever make ;-)

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