Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ginger Blossom Love

Good Morning Ya'll!

I got this Lovely package from
Hancock's of Paducah yesterday filled with all kinds of yummies! Yeah!!! My Moda Strawberry Lemonade charm packs AND my pack of SUPER CUTE Ginger Blossom squares!!! I had to use them immediately so I put together some new magnets for my garage door. I couldn't wait for them to dry, so the pic is of them on my fridge :-)

Ginger Blossom magnets

This will be their "final resting place"... It looks horrible now, but I promise it will be all neat and tidy soon! eh.... notice the calendar says August! I DO have good intentions, but it seems to NEVER happen! :-)

Garage door

Hey! and yesterday I had a comment!!!! I'm not invisible anymore! AND it was ALL THE WAY from Denmark!!! Shout out to my Denmark peep! :-)

Ya'll have a wonderful Spring day!

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Tine said...

I love the magnets you've made! And LOL!!! That calendar-thing could easily happen at my house too :-)