Saturday, July 12, 2008

We have a winner

Finally, huh?... I'm so sorry for the delay. I've been consumed by a new HUGE undertaking, and had the help of Neighbor J, that I just couldn't pass up. I'll blog more about the project later, but it's kind of a secret... only a few "choice" people know about it, and for now it has to stay that way. Anywho! The winner of the Prissy Pincushion Giveaway is .... Kait from Birmingham, AL! Kait has a wonderful family blog . Funny thing is, after poking around in her "business" I finally figured out why she looks somewhat familiar... hmmm... weird, I know, but I think we saw them at Disney this past February?!?!? Could that even be possible? I don't know, but she seems to be a "D" nut, like us, so maybe. If you have a chance go check out her blog and see how beautiful she is! Oh, and turn up your volume, because she has some pretty amazing - and uplifting- music playing too.
Oh, and I've been trying to remember to enlarge the font when I post... does this help? Also, I've been fiddling with the font colors... who knew blogging would be so easy, but so hard at the same time! Hopefully it will be much easier once my new laptop comes in... :-) Surely EVERYTHING will be easier with a pink laptop, right? OOOhhh yeah, let's just SEE if hubby will even TRY to touch it... A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


vana chupp said...

you just crack me up! a pink laptop ha? I was so close to get one too, but changed my mind last moment. It wouldn't go with my decor:)

Jen r. said...

I wanted to stop by and say hi. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! A pink laptop would be awesome!
How cool would that be if she was the blogger you had already met? I love meeting blogger's I've been talking to....It's like meeting an old friend! I am off to look around your blog!:) Jen R

Laura said...

Such a small world. At Disney?? I've been reading your blog for a while. Come over and check mine out if you are so inclined :)
Take care!

Kait said...

Hi, Holly!! I received my ADORABLE pin cushion a couple of weeks ago. I love it so much and it has definitely found the perfect home! It looks great in my sewing room. Thanks so much!