Sunday, July 27, 2008

Macee May

I don't know WHY I call my neice that, it just comes out that way. It's either that, or May May... which was an older relatives name when I was a kid. Pretty cute. Just like her. Macee is my sweet little pistol of a niece... I could just squeeze her and tickle her like crazy! ... but I'd have to catch her first :-) After seeing her a bit this summer, I just had to put together something for her, so I made this outfit using two bandanas. Because of the construction, she'll be able to wear it as a dress at first, and then later as a top over some cute pants. Abby loves hers like this, and got mad that Macee got panties to match...LOLOL!


Piper said...

Holly, that is just too cute! She will be adorable in it.

Leah Martineau said...

Hi, I was looking at tip junkies web site and I saw your cute little dresses you made for your girls for 4th of July. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the pattern. I have a little girl and would love to try and make that for her. Thank you so much!!!

=) Leah