Tuesday, December 16, 2008

:-) Third time's a charm!

Tee Hee!!! OK, now I'm just bored stiff... but I did just see this pic on my card and thought you might enjoy seeing what they did at Jillian's pre-school.

Waiting patiently in line...


Wait for it....


Yep! It's a CAMEL!


and a real live donkey!


The live Nativity animals paid a visit to the area outside of the playground and they all got to ride the camel and donkey and pet the lamb...


It was sooo cute. I love this pre-school. We were so blessed to find an opening at such short notice with the move. She really enjoys all of her new best friends. And I really enjoy the short break that I get while she's gone during the day!!! ;-)


Arlene said...

How COOL is that camel ride?

LuLu said...

That is amazing... a camel! What a great memory!
Enjoyed your blog.