Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Life's one happy game

While we were cleaning and decorating Abby's room yesterday, Levi rounded up the troops and organized the playroom. Again. Love. Him. We switched rooms with the "Toy Box" and Abby's desk and hutch. I think it works.

Question for all of you book addicted Moms... WHAT do you do with all of the books??? We finally broke down and boxed up all of the board books. I kept some of our favorites from when they were very little and will donate the rest. I seriously will croak when the next Scholastic book order forms come in. Oh the guilt!!! Dang teachers KNOW I can't resist...

We put a sleeper sectional in here to give us one more guest sleeping space... and it's a good size to curl up on and watch a movie with the girls. We also put our Wii up here, because bowling turns into a contact sport in our living room...

I want to find some fabric to mistreat, but for now it'll do. I used mostly navy, red, and dark tan to go with the vintage looking board games on top of the wall unit.

The wall system is the Cameron system from Pottery Barn Kids... I LOVE the doors... they hide all of our board games... I DID NOT love dragging the heavy boxes up the stairs! (Some things just have to be done while hubby is not around to complain!!!) I also like having the handy dandy buckets and baskets for sorting...

The TV stand is another consignment piece... $30 for a Drexel Heritage buffet THANK YOU VERY MUCH... Wii games, DVDs, and throw blankets are behind the doors.




All in all, I like it. It keeps the mess out of the bedrooms (for the most part), and it has doors. So when they are being WAY too rowdy, we can just shut them in there and let them have it! ;-)


Katie said...

Don't forget to save some of your old board books for future crafting fun. You can decoupage scrapbook papers on top of each page (I usually sand mine first to give the glue something to hold onto other than just the shiny pages) and make cute mini-books.

Anonymous said...
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