Wednesday, December 31, 2008


OK, not THAT kind of nesting, but working on a tutorial from THE NESTER. I have gotten mistreatment envy looking over her blog... it's really fabulous! This idea seemed perfect for Abby's Shabby Chic room.

*sigh* She didn't want her black/gold French room stuff after we moved... Which almost hurt my feelings, but I'm not THAT attached to decor - so it didn't... really, it didn't. *sigh*

Anyway, she wanted pink. Lots and Lots of pink. So in true mom fashion I caved and agreed. While my hubby is on vacation from work we decided to work through the house cleaning and organizing. Love. Him.

Anyway, I shopped my house for floral girly stuff... and we tackled Abby's room. We'll paint once I can find the "right" shade of pink (as in, pink enough for Abby but not so pink that I think of Pepto Bismol every time I walk in her room)

So, without any further delay, I give you Abby's Room.


I'm just kidding people!!!!! That's the BEFORE shot... LOL

And AFTER...

The big white box/bench was my toy box that my dad made when I was a kid. We've been dragging that thing around from apartments and houses for AGES!!!





And the above shot is of my fabulous Ragamuffin garland!!! While I'm doing my cleaning, I keep tucking little things into the garland... I found a super cute locket that I haven't worn for ages... and I keep adding little things here and there. That's why I love the Shabby look... you can add and rearrange and it just keeps looking better and better!

More on the Ragamuffin garland...

This was a GREAT project for the girls!!! I tore the fabric and cut the ribbon... then dumped it all on the floor of the game room and they tied away. Jillian learned how to tie while doing this project, so when she gets older I'll have to tell her that The Nester taught her how to tie her shoes!!! LOL


So Thanks Nester! Abby thinks you are nearly as smart as her mommy... ;-)

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The Nester said...

What fun to make the garland together! I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing!