Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Santa…


The other day I was hanging with the family in the pool and the girls wanted to talk about Disney. Yes, we are indeed THAT family. The family who’s 9 year old is about to take her 11th trip to the World. Trust me. My kids could plan your entire trip, guide you around the entire Disney World property without a map, and tell you all of the best sit down restaurants and which has a good lobster bisque. Really. We are a little bit psycho about planning our trips… down to the very last minute detail. Planning is half the fun when it comes to Disney.  We even plan to have “unplanned time”… seriously. I’m not very anal about many things, but a trip to Disney World just puts me in a tizzy.

As the girls started talking about what we were going to do and where we were going to stay, the BIG question came up…

How on Earth is Santa going to visit us at Disney World?  

Let me preface this by saying that I generally tell my kids the truth. When my oldest was 5 and asked what a period was, I told her.  I usually answer the questions. I do not give them more information than they need. I give them enough information to satisfy their curiosity and then move on… I just don’t believe in lying to them…  Except when it comes to the magic of being a child.


Yes, Jillian.

Is Santa real?

Do you get real gifts?


Well then, what do you think?

I think you and daddy are Santa.

Shows what you know, kid. Daddy’s cheap. He wouldn’t buy you extra presents just to pretend to be Santa.



Well, then how’s Santa going to know which hotel room is ours?

Abby – Duh. He’s MA-GIC…

Ooohhh.  Yeah… MA-GIC… Well, I still think he needs a sign or sumthin…just to be sure he finds us…

Abby – and maybe some extra special Disney cookies… like chocolate dipped rice crispie Mickey heads.

We can get a Santa Stop Here sign and put it outside of our door. I’m sure that will work.

And then he can leave us lots of gifts! …

You know what’s really cool to do? Ask Santa to surprise you. If you don’t ask for anything and just tell him to surprise you, you’ll usually get something totally awesome… *cough*likeafriggintriptoDisneyWorld*cough*

Abby & Jillian – AWESOME!!!!

I said I didn’t lie… on important things… but I will work them for as long as I possibly can.

So who has some suggestions for small packable and easily concealed awesome Christmas presents for a 6 year old? 9 is getting a Kindle…



Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

My motto {especially to my teenage nieces} is "If you don't believe, then you don't receive!" hehehe

As for small portable gifts for the 6 year old, what about a portable dvd player? Or an ipod? My 2 year old can use my ipod better than I can, he plays all kinds of games on it.

Dell Miller, Owner said...

ship them to your hotel before and have them hold them. haha who would suspect anything- you may even be able to give a nice tip and have them delivered by the maid early tghat morning... with a note, You were tough to find this year, but I did it...good luck

Alessandro said...

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Rissa said...

Since you are in Disney World you could keep the theme and adding to their Disney movie collection. If the nine yearold doesn't have a camera that could be cool. Or maybe you could make the 6 year old Disney princess paper dolls. That is easy to transport/hide. If you did give them an ipod you could put all sorts of Disney songs on it.
Anyways, good luck.