Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flower hair pin tutorial


It’s nearly time for college football to begin. Around here it’s all SEC all the time. Unless it’s Sunday, then it’s all about the Saints. Our fall schedules revolve around football games. This year that is especially true because this is the first year we are taking the girls into Death Valley. When they were little we brought them to tailgate, but never into the actual stadium. I’m pretty sure they are going to be BLOWN AWAY. 


The girls wanted some hair pins to wear with their “gear” for the football games. You aren’t a true fan unless you are spackled in Purple and Gold from head to toe. For the girls, we picked flowers.

flower cluster

Cheap. $3.50 for the whole bundle cheap. It had the necessary colors, so I grabbed them up.

size sort 

Pop the flowers off of the plastic stem bundle and pull the backing and front fuzzy buttons off. I used 6 flowers to make 2 pins, so I sorted the petal layers by size.

Re-layer your petals with the largest diameter on the bottom. Using a needle and thread, stitch the flower layers back together. I topped my petals with a football shank style button.


After the button has been sewn onto the layers, continue to stitch  back through the layers coming out the back side of the petals. Stitch several passes through the bent end of the hair pins.

hair pins

I squeezed a bit of glue to the back thread and under the football button to ensure it says flat.

glue back

Easy peasy. And cute too, No?


I couldn’t be left out, so using the same technique, I made two styles of yo-yos out of gold tulle, layered them together, sewed a bobby pin to the back and added some bling.

mom's pin

This is so darn easy, there’s no reason to not be properly styled for football games… or the playground… or the mall… or the… well, you get it. 


For the 3rd week in a row I’m linking up to Kim’s Get Your Craft On. This is some kind of record, I’m sure. :-)


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

This is so cute! It's gameday here next weekend, and a big red hair clip would be so fun... = ) (We are Georgia Bulldawgs!)

Joanna said...

Da,Da,Da,DA!!!Geux Tigers! LSU day is Friday @ Monterey....We've come a long way baby!!! I'll be watching for ya! Luv, SIS