Sunday, April 18, 2010

You can tap your toes to it.

We took the kids to the Reliant Center to see Disney on Ice. Honestly, after a full day of school, then tennis lessons, then changing in the car on the way there… I was TIRED. I was really hoping they wouldn’t want to go… Really, REALLY hoping. But that didn’t happen.

While we were there, and I was guzzling down diet coke like an addict… I realized something very important… my girls, even the 8 1.2 year old… STILL LOVE DISNEY PRINCESSES. I mean they really love them. This show held their attention much better than even Demi Lavato and the Jonas Bros. could. It was amazing… the looks on their enraptured faces… Made me so glad we didn’t bail. They are still little girls… even if they get pressured to not be.

Something else I realized… the newest Princess… Princess Tiana from the Princess and the Frog? She’s a princess I can get behind. She’s more real. More accessible. More fun. Even after all of the mixing the Disney DJs could muster, the other princesses still seem sort of boring compared to the jazzy New Orleans sound of Tiana’s music. She’s hip. She’s full of sass. She’s F-U-N.

And when I saw my 8 1/2 year old waving her little heart out trying to get the attention of any of the princesses… it really REALLY made me glad that we went. And really REALLY ready for our Christmas Disney trip. We will for SURE get Tiana’s autograph. I simply must have it!


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