Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

I hope you all are having a wonderful Spring day and are able to enjoy your friends or family.

We started our day by attending a special Easter service at The Pavilion here in The Woodlands. It wasn’t a sunrise service, but the outdoor venue was still a special treat for us.

girls on easter

This afternoon we are joining friends for an egg hunt. I’m sure said friend will have far FAR too many eggs, but they are looking forward to it.

The reserved dozen of regular cupcakes were saved for today’s festivities.  Just like the Cake Dr. said, you can indeed freeze unfrosted cupcakes! I took them out last night, and left them on the counter to thaw in their zipper bags. Surprisingly they seem to be more moist than the 8 dozen mini ones… It could be because they were frozen OR it could be that it’s so humid here today. Who knows.

So what does burlap, coconut, and cream cheese have to do with Easter? I’ll give you a hint…


Aren’t they cute! These sweet little picks were found at Sur la Table. They have lots of cute little picks… go check them out here

cakeI don’t have an Easter tray or anything cute enough to serve these guys on, so I took my trusty plastic snowman tray and cut a circle of burlap to cover it. Then I sprinkled on some leftover coconut “grass”. Really cute. Really sweet. Really delish.

Delish because these cupcakes have the Cake Dr.’s cream cheese frosting on them instead of the butter cream. And, because I chatted with the sales lady at Sur la Table, I knew that I needed the icing food coloring gel, not the drops. See what talking to strangers will get you? 


Happy Easter!

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