Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Destination Disney 2.0- GPS your way around

The name of this post should be “I have balls of steel” because this new app required me to update my iPhone.  Seriously folks. Balls. Of. Steel. So after several minutes of near heart attack level anxiety, I made it through my update. Unlike Hubs, who crashed his and was without a cell phone for 2 weeks. Maybe the title could be “Are you smarter than an Engineer” instead…  Nah… even I wont go that far…

See how much I love you? and Disney? and my iPhone? I’ll jump through hoops! Hoops I tell ya!

This is the GPS app that I think you’ll really love me for suggesting.  The icon on the far right that says WDW Maps… Now I have 4 apps on my “dedicated to Disney” page :-)


This little beauty has ALL of the parks (including the water parks), Downtown Disney, and even Orlando International Airport!!!!! That’s why I think it’s worth the $3.99 purchase price.  Anything to get us in the right direction at that airport…


Here’s a sample shot of the map… This one shows one of our favorite attractions at the Magic Kingdom. Mickey’s Philharmagic! It’s number 22 on the map… you just tap, and it pulls up what is located in that spot… The blue arrow takes you to a detailed information page where you can even plan your trip down to the attraction priority! (Not that I’d ever be that controlling and obsessive while at Disney…) You can see in the upper center portion of the pic that it also locates restrooms that are nearby. And we all know how important THAT is! Restaurant locations are also lettered on the map, AND you can see a brief description of what is on the menu and how much it’s gonna cost you. Neat, huh?


So now you see why I was so nuts about updating ye ole phone… and why I wanted this app.  Anything to make life at Disney more simple and orderly is always high on my list.  You can find yourself bogged down in maps, lists, and balloons… So why not pare down to just your phone and have plenty more room in your hands for more Tinkerbell balloons! (Which were about $12 last time I checked, so be prepared…. just sayin’…)

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