Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another one?

I TOLD you I don’t go far without my iPhone. I even bring it into the kitchen with me… no really, I do. I have a speaker dock that lets me listen to my “cooking” playlist… It puts me in “the mood” to cook. And I have several kitchen related apps that I use on a weekly basis.  One of them is this little gem…


You know how sometimes you just get into ruts with cooking and you make the same things over and over each week? I tend to do that more in the winter, because I always want a soup, stew or chili.  This little baby has helped me out of so many ruts, it may as well be a tow-service. 

You know that big giant cookbook so many of us got as a wedding gift? That red and white checkerboard one? This app has all of those recipes built in :-)

                                     007           009

You can search in a few different ways, so you can either do the Surprise Me button and locate things that way, or if you have shrimp, you can put that it and it will pull up the recipes with that ingredient.

There is also a button to add a particular recipe to a favorites list, so if your family really enjoys it, it will be even easier to find the next time. And yes…. that is a margarita recipe on my favorites list…  Don’t be a hater, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! … and they are quite yummy…


Tonight I’m making the Sweet and Spicy Shrimp recipe…  and at the bottom of the recipe, there’s nutritional information in case you need to look at that as well…

                          011          012

There is something completely satisfying for me in chopping, dicing, mincing, mixing, blending… even if I don’t always want to cook, it always feels great when I do.  Maybe it’s the knife in my hand… Hmmm … just kidding.

Here’s a preview of the veggies going into the shrimp tonight… go ahead, cook something up!


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lindsey said...

looks yummy! got room for 5 more at your table tonight?