Tuesday, December 1, 2009

yeah yeah… TRUST me, I KNOW

I just had to post up this picture of my poor little Christmas wreath… Believe me… I KNOW it looks terrible.  I just had no inspiration on Saturday after discovering my door piece was too faded to put up.   Sad, isn’t it?


A friend told me to drop by Z Gallerie to take a look at all of their aqua colored decorations.  My tree is a hot mess of Red and Aqua.  I’m no florist… and BOY can you tell.  But at least my wreath looks better…


So what unusual colors do you like this year?  I’ve done brown, lime, aqua, purple, hot pink, pear green, lime green… not at the same time, of course.  But it really makes it a lot of fun to plan each year!

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