Thursday, December 3, 2009

I’ve got my eye on you…

Meet Russell.  Russell is our Elf on the Shelf elf.  Simple and really cute idea… the story says that your elf watches over you during the day then reports back to Santa in the night… When you wake up the next morning, your elf will be in a new location.  I LOVE that this little quirky elf named Russell has my kids making their beds, picking up their rooms, and being super over-the-top sweet to each other.  They even SHARED last night… I know. Crazy, huh?



Jo said...

What fun! Whatever it takes to help the Christmas season be merry! :)


Piper said...

We have one too! Ours is named Hermie. He brings Sydney a peppermint every morning on the counter and hides among the booksheveles and sometimes in the Christmas tree. Sydney starts crying if she gets in trouble while Hermie is with us. She runs over to him and apoligizes for not being good. Hey, whoever came up with him is genius! As are we for buying him.