Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sweaty hair?

Oh the trials of working out... trying to look good with uni-boobs in a sports bra, trying to not jiggle in spandex, and sweaty hair. Well, at least I have ONE of those things figured out! A couple of months ago I stumbled across a site that sells custom headbands that don't slip when you are working out and well, sweating! Hallelujah! Most of my hair is grown out, but I have all of these little wispy baby hairs that irritate me when I get hot. I can't stand my hair sticking to my face! Gross!!!

In comes Sweaty Bands.

I got this green jaquard one and a basic black velvet wide style band...


And then I see them in Self!


That cute lady in the picture... She's Donna, the owner of the Sweaty Band co.! Isn't she cute?!

They really do hold put, and better still, they look great when you aren't sweating it out too! (I wear that black one ALL the time!)

Go take a peek at Sweaty Bands. They are FABULOUS!

* Bonus! Donna is also offering a free Sweaty Band signature band with purchase until April 15th (while supplies last). Just enter the code "sweaty" when you check out!

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