Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3rd time's a charm

Ok, so here's my "Save Mother Earth" idea of the year...

This is Jillian's Easter egg hunt outfit for school. Cute little capri set, huh?


But somehow... it looks familiar...Oh, Wait! It looks like last year's egg hunt outfit... but different...

Jillian's Egg Hunt dress

Last year it was just a shorter jumper with pom poms... And the year before that, it was a below the knee jumper! This year it's shortened to a top with ric rac and Abby's old matching capris with some ric rac added. Now THAT's what I call getting milage out of an outfit!
Guess I'm pretty lucky that my kids have just grown up and not out huh? LOL

Awe... look how much my baby has changed in a year! WOW!!!


Joanna said...

Youre so talented!

Katie said...

Hey recycling is a good thing and it look cute no matter how many times it's worn!