Monday, March 30, 2009

Art Niche


OK, so I have to admit. Buying art in Italy made me feel more like a grown up. I mean, come on. I have "Art". Pretty silly I guess, but that's just me. I went strolling around Old Towne Spring a few weeks ago and found a great piece of art from a local lady who has a gallery there. I was pretty homesick that day, and this piece really cheered me up. It was too small. Not the right colors. And seriously, do I NEED any more fleur-de-lis in my house? That's what I thought too. That's when I pulled out ye ole debit card and bought it anyway. Why? Because it spoke to me. Not in the "I'm hearing voices" sort of way. That would just prove I'm crazy. And who needs proof. No, what I mean is that it brought a smile to my face and made me remember home. And it successfully filled the "art niche" at the end of my stairs outside of my bedroom door. Seriously folks, it looked pretty sad... see?



After... (I've since moved the sconces down a bit... it was just a little too prozaic and symmetrical...)



So what if it's little... it gave me room to put up my other iron work. And so what if it's got too much blue in it... it made just the right spot for the beach picture of the girls that I love so much. It's just right in that Goldilocks way. And now that it's a bit more put together (ok, a LOT more put together) maybe I'll be inspired to tackle my bedroom. This piece found a home in my house. And is helping make this house my home.


Vana said...

i love how you're displaying everything:)

Piper said...

I love it! Very pleasing to the eye. You have a talent there, girl!

Amy Livers said...

I love the painting, and the niche looks great. (So does the lampshade in the breakfast area.)We try to buy art on every trip, though it's usually signed/numbered, relatively inexpensive prints. I agree, it makes me feel grown-up.

Joanna said...

mucho better.

Katie said...

Oh wow I love how it came out. Your grouping is fab. I know you did some tweeking but seriously I am type A enough to like the first version. I like everything all symetrical.