Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wellness Wednesday

Hey Hey! Lookie at me, it's ACTUALLY Wednesday!

This week has been interesting... the journaling for my workouts has helped me see that when I loose focus, all hell can break loose... or all cake can end up in my mouth... whatever. I caved and went with a friend to Chilis for a drink (or 2)... we had that Triple Play appetizer with the Southwestern Eggrolls and double boneless buffalo wings... Keep in mind that this is the first serious sort of crap that I've had in over a month and a half... Not pretty. My stomach hurt so much that I couldn't eat dinner that night, and then I swear I had food poisoning from it... I spent the entire night Sunday either on or in front of the toilet. Like I said... Not. Pretty.

Then last night while watching The Biggest Loser, I ate cake. Come on people. Who the heck eats cake while watching THAT???? Well, I did... and even though I swear I've caught the strep that both of the girls have, I got up and put my cake eatin behind on the elliptical for 6 miles this morning... I feel sooo much better now.

Which leads me back to the journaling. Because I've been writing down most everything, I have been able to figure out certain patterns for my insane inability to control myself. This is what I've learned...

PMS is 2 weeks long for me... Seriously, all I want right now is a vat of chocolate and salty potato chips. The week before and the week of, well, it's killing me! Talk about a serious test of willpower... And I SO don't feel like cooking. But by realizing what is going on, I've found a way to force myself out of the cycle of crazy and just know that I will have to make things easier on myself... Large batches of whatever, just for the leftovers, makes it easier for me to resist Chick Fil A.

I also learned that when I am sick, it's OK to take a break. I don't think I could have moved on Monday if I wanted to, and Tuesday I was still trying to recoup on the loss of sleep. But this morning, I hopped right back on. I even did most of the 6 miles on a higher level than I've gone before. So I wont berate myself for Monday and Tuesday. And I also wont let myself think that this week is a lost cause because of it.

And on a funny note, I'm having a wonderful morning because super fit Tweedle Dum (you know, my party pooper older sister) who has always been the ubre fit jock one? She told me about taking a mile long walk and trying to jog a bit... and she had a hard time. WHAT? Trust me folks... I've NEVER been able to outrun her skinny a$s... In some small petty middle child syndrome way, that made me feel sooo good! ;-)

Keep it up girls! Our hard work will pay off and we'll be soooo ready for that cruise!!!


Joanna said...

Tweedle Dum loses weight by just reading your blog & laughing!!! OK, I admit, I'm a tad sore today.

muralimanohar said...

I am trying. I really need to be losing some. Having a full week of work, though, when I don't usually do that kind of physical labor, on top of a cold, is kicking my ass. On the plus side, my portion control has been doing great! rofl

Good for you for fighting through the strep! You're a better man than I am! :p

Katie said...

But you're not being competitive or anything!