Friday, February 6, 2009

Goal oriented?

LOL... I'm so tickled at my friend Amy's comment on yesterday's post... She suggested that I train for a 1/2 marathon or something... you know, as a goal...Well, I don't know if this TECHNICALLY counts, but Amy, I am training for something...

A MOMMY Cruise! I officially declared to all of my girlfriends who would listen that I would be on a cruise ship in June, with or without friends to chat with... so if you want to come, meet me in Galveston! Come one, come all! I'll be sitting by the pool in a *gasp* swimsuit! LOL... TRUST me Amy... This might just be harder for me to achieve than any 1/2 marathon could ever be!!! I'm calling it practice for when I have to park my behind between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in Hawaii for Tweedle Dee's graduation trip next June!!! LOL.... (you know who I'm talking about...)

With that all in mind, I did the whole interval training and strength training today... Oh My Goodness....First of all, squats on the elliptical - insane. I'm sincerely hoping that I will be able to move tomorrow... I also did arms and abs using my big giant ball... I put iPump Swiss Ball on my iPhone, so I figured I might as well use it, right? Yes it was tough. and Yes, it feels good!!! So maybe by June, I wont have to worry about "cafeteria lady" arms (no offense to cafeteria ladies) and maybe by June, I wont be competely embarrased to be hangin by the pool with my peeps.

And maybe I'll be tempted to run in the fall 1/2 marathon in town... ;-)


southerninspiration said...

you go, girl!!!


Katie said...

What a great plan, you have been so motivated that I'm sure you'll make your goal and be the hottest mama by the pool! Go Holly!

Joanna said...

I don't like being called Tweedle Dum...I want to be Tweedle Dee.