Monday, October 13, 2008

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas!

Hey Yall!

Well, it's Mid-Oct. and I'm already starting to feel behind on all of my holiday prep. I have SUCH a huge surprise for you!!!! I have to give a little background first though...

Levi and I went to LSU. We're LSU fanatics. Our girls have had LSU themed birth announcements, birthday parties, clothes, tatoos ... you name it, we love it! We've even had a bottle of LSU Alumni wine!!!

Well, every year about this time, I start to panic over what to get Levi for Christmas. Last year, Mr. NOT SO Handy got tools. Yep, pretty lame, I know.

But this year, with the move and setting up the house and all, I thought that something for his "study" would be cool. I'm going to be doing an "LSU Lux" theme there. Rich gold walls, Plum colored silks, guilded frames... Get it? I'm happy, He's happy, we'll all be happy when it's done, right?

So a good friend of mine that I met via blogland is a fabulous artist. I have gotten prints, cards, etc. from her in the past. Then she went to Santa Barbara and did these amazing sketches... WELL.... I begged her to do some sketches of some scenes from LSU and she actually agreed!!!! Yeah Me!!!! She just posted about them here and I just KNOW he's going to love them... He may even just cry with joy and amazement!!!

I can't wait to get these guys matted and framed!!! He is just going to LOVE them!

Thanks so much Vana!!! {HUGS!}


vana chupp said...


you're welcomed! I don't usually do this for people, expect family or course, so consider yourself that special...

Holly said...


Trisha said...

ok heres one for much will she charge to send me copies..being that the love of my life went to LSU!! I love the man and have made all sorts of LSU themed stuff, but I draw the line at posters on my walls. Sorry, but purple and gold, really? So these would be the mose perfect Christmas gift. You get the originals, and I am begging to ride on your shirt tails.

Tonya said...

I hear you about LSU! We are huge fans around here, my Dad and brother both graduated, I *ahem* attended : ) My brother was one of the Mike the Tiger mascots for the last couple of years he was there. It wasn't a happy evening in our house last Saturday night : (

Your dh's Christmas gift sounds awesome, I can't wait to see the finished pictures.

Cora said...

Found you before Gustav, but figured you were busy. I grew up in Slidell and decided I would delurk when you were post move.
My husband would be so jealous of the study. ;-) And seriously, so sad on Saturday. Go Tigers!! We'll get 'em next time.

southerninspiration said...

Oh, Holly, I love those! I agree that many an LSU fan would be all over those if they were available!


vana chupp said...


Did the drawings arrive? Please let me know. I am anxious to know.


rufflebunnies said...

What a fabulous idea and I am so jealous ot it!!! i wish I could come up with something so unique for dh, the hardest man in the world to gift!!!!
I would love to pics of the finished room!!