Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Geaux Tigers!

Hubs and I both went to LSU. We loved, lived, and breathed LSU. Our babies’ birth announcements were both LSU themed.

We brought 9 as an infant to a tailgate party. I was still breastfeeding at that time and had to escape to my car to pump. It was sheer misery. It was so much Hell that we never took them back.

Until this weekend. You know… for the Tennessee game that ended in one of the most effed up victories I’ve ever seen or heard of. Yeah. THAT game :-)

I called my sister and she met us in Baton Rouge. It was awesome to see her. I’m sure my girls chatted her ear off and probably even scared her a little. My kids are… insane exuberant. A bonus to having your sister meet you? You get to be in pictures :-)

heart       all the girls!

 jillian parade         couple

abby closeup

Boy did they have an awesome time. The look on 9s face when the Golden Girls marched down the hill… Priceless. 6 got so crazy and into it that she yelled “Tiger Bait!” & “Peace out! Tennessee!” at some of the Tennessee fans… Sorry folks… We didn’t teach her that one… 

parade     jillian game

family in front of stadium

And because my sister is a genius at coming up with clever pics we got THIS shot…

shadow pic

What a weekend. We are still trying to recover. It was so amazing to have our girls walk around campus with us and have them actually enjoy being there. At one point we realized that there’s a good chance both of the girls will be there for a couple of years together… in that crowd… as students… I nearly got teary until one coed sloshed up next to us and told us how cute the little Tigers were through liquored up breath. That’s just NOT something this Momma is ready to think about… Especially with THIS one…

jillian cookie tongue

Yeah. She’s a lil crazy. She’ll need a very VERY short leash.


Joanna said...

Who is that HOT MAMA in the purple jersey??? GEUX TIGERS! (almost embarassed to say that after last week's game....but wait a minute, what kinda scrubs do I have on now??? L S U !!!

Lindsay said...

OMGosh I love all of these pics! Especially the one with the tiger and shadows : ) What a cute idea! Glad you had a fun time. I keep telling the hubby that I want to go to a Texans game (I can admit that now that they are doing so great)!