Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Future Tigers – Wordless Wednesday

clock tower


Trying to be as wordless as possible…

Sometimes you’ve got to get on your knees and just go for the shot.


UPDATE: I am so happy to have just stumbled into the iheartfaces post today. I edited this shot and I am TERRIBLE at editing. I used the Canon Digital Professional software that came with my point and shoot to work on this one. I have PSE6, but I know squat about how to use it. I KNOW it can be a better picture, but I just don’t understand Photoshop Elements.

iheartfaces has a linky set up for constructive criticism. I would SO appreciate some help. I’m still a newbie on my first DSLR and only on occasion am getting the kind of shots I want. Heck. Most of the time they look AWFUL.

The original photo information:

ISO: 400

Tv: 1/160

Av: F13.0

Flicker Link:

I SO wanted this to be a more vibrant shot. The sky color was BEAUTIFUL that day… it just doesn’t show in the picture. I will say that I was LITERALLY on my knees shooting behind me so that the girls didn’t know I was shooting them.

Any help offered is greatly appreciated! Thanks iheartfaces for this opportunity!


Michelle said...

So cute!

T3R3SA said...

I love, love this angle!!

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

Hi Holly,

Would it be possible for you to put the straight-out-of-camera image into Flickr and link to it so that we could download the image and all try editing it ourselves? That would be really helpful. :)

co-founder of IHF

Holly said...

Updated to add the Flickr link. :-) Thanks Angie!

Mackenzie said...

I love that you got down on your knees for this photo, I think the sun was your enemy in this shot!

Christina said...

I know little about editing as well, But i think this is a great shot! I love when you can catch the little ones and they don't even know!

Joanna said...

OK Ms.PSE^6FT to the 9th Power on my KRUNplS camera....Your picture ROCKS!! Very unique angle on the clock tower! Tell 9 & 6 I had a GRRRRRR-EAT time with the little tigers (no pun intended).

Life with Kaishon said...

Those girls are adorable! Oh my goodness. Good luck with your editing. : ) What a fun picture. Very, very creative! : ) I will go to flickr and see if I can do anything with the original. I am SO terrible at editing though.

Jess said...

Very creative angle, I love how the sunlight is bouncing off the face of the girl on the left. One "rule" (I say that with sarcasm) is to not chop off body parts at a joint. But you would have lost the top of the lamp if you'd included those other feet. :)