Sunday, June 6, 2010

Plant Killer!

I am a self-professed plant killer. It’s sad, but true. I can kill ANYTHING. Ficus, ivy, peace plants… you name it, I’ve killed it. Unfortunately that also includes my herbs. I’ve tried herbs at least a dozen times now… and every time I’ve killed them. We had lofty ideas of making our own salsa with fresh cilantro straight from our garden… Yeah… Hope Pace is good enough for everybody, because there’s not a crispier plant in my yard. Except maybe the mint. Who on EARTH kills mint?

dead plants 

While on my plant expedition to Lowes I picked up my favorite plants. Succulents. Somehow, I haven’t killed succulents… Maybe because I can forget them for 3 weeks and they still look good. I went on a succulent kick. It’s only going to get hotter on the deck, so I figured I’d work with what I know.


MUCH better, No?

This container I put on the back side of the hot tub with our lantern and OFF! bug lantern…

hot tub plants

I LOVE a backyard filled with pots of plants… but I think I’m at my limit. Any more than this, and I’m sure someone will be knocked off quickly.

hot tub area

And I finally found a spot for my hammock…. I will spend HOURS out there reading this summer. It’s in my shade garden. Now there’s a table next to it to hold an OFF! candle and a cocktail. Perfect.

fountain area


Michelle said...

I have to say, I've never heard of ANYONE killing mint before! That takes some talent.

muralimanohar said...

Oh, I just killed mint this week. I'm really bad. :p

SOO jealous of your yard. Mostly, how nice it looks. I've got the elements (a killer yard, with trees galore, fruit, flowers, birds, etc etc, and a pool surrounded with flowers, trees, and a nice patio) but no real money or energy to make something of it, lol.