Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gardening is a mystery

I’ve been trying to plant the beds we had put around the pool in the fall… After van loads of plants, lots of sweat, and a couple of blisters I’ve realized that gardening is indeed a mystery.

For instance…

Why is one of my gardenia trees loaded with blooms….


While it’s brother around the curve of the pool looks like this…?

gardenia yellow leaves  They get the same light, had the same acid loving plant food, the same amount of water… but this one looks like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. Why?

Where the Hell did this mystery lantana plant come from…?

yellow lantana Behind this plant there are several white/purple mixed verbena… but nowhere in this bed did I plant yellow lantana… The butterflies love it, but it isn’t really working with my mostly white color scheme…

Why is my white Lily of the Nile this color…?

lily of the nile

ALL of the larger white plants we bought are coming out this color… I’m highly disappointed :-/

And 2 of my white hydrangeas seem to be doing well in their new home…

white hydrangeas

But the 3rd one in the same spot looks like this… WTH???

rotting hydrangea

While I’m trying to figure out life’s mysteries, I’ll leave you thinking of the smell of this…  because even though it may not be perfect, my yard does indeed smell heavenly.

gardenia bloom

Happy Gardening!

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The Buchanan Family said...

My gardenia's did that exact same thing. One is full and the other one is about the same size as when I planted it.