Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Little House

That Could...

We've sold our house!

That's why I'm calling it the little house that could... not that it's little, mind you, but that it's a gem of a home that's saved two families from broken contracts. We lost our contract 10 days before close and moved in 12 days later... It had been listed for all of 15 minutes when we signed a contract to buy it. And now, due to some unforseen problems with a predicated offer two degrees away from them, that's the home that they wanted had to break contract because the people buying the home that they were buying lost a contract... Confusing enough for you? I think I just confused myself!!!

Anyway, I don't care, because the couple signed a contract to buy our home less than 12 hours after we signed our listing agreement! What housing crisis?

Yep, it's the little house that could.

We'll be off to Texas on Thursday night to see if things really are bigger over there ;-) Wish us luck!!!

Here's the girls take on our new house...

When I asked Abby what we should look for in a new house, she said a pink room and that it should be close to a mall...LOLOL

When I asked Jillian... (get ready to say awe...) She said that it should be a comfortable house with a room for her friend Sara to come stay in when she visits... and that it should have fluffy pillows.

All together now.... "Aaaaawwwwweeee"

Isn't she cute!!!!! Yep, I think so too. She's even got her paint chips ready to see if they "work with the light in the room"..... She's 4 1/2 people!!!!!! What are they going to be like when they are 14????!!!!!!!!

Now to convince dear ole mom to NOT allow them to watch any more HGTV while she's taking care of them for us!!!!! These girls are going to be the death of our bank account yet!!!!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Well done on such a quick sale!! Hope you find the perfect house in Houston to meet all your requirements!

Trisha said...

I am so happy you were able to sell your house so fast. I also hope you find another perfect house for your family in TX. Be sure to blog about it so we can all see what cute things you have in store for us.

Merrie. said...

I just found you; and I love reading all about Saucy's exploits! I just love that name! Its so, so well,Saucy! I have to add you to my faves now! Hope you find a lovely home in Houston; I have always wanted to live there; there is a blogger who lives near there and has a fantastic house; so there must be more ! I think the blog is CherryHill?? See you later; Merrie

Jo said...

I just stumbled onto your blog ~ your daughters sound delightful. I love the paint chip comment!
Congratulations on the quick sale! We have several friends that have moved to Texas and love it! Their homes are beautiful and half the price that we paid for ours here in Connecticut.